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Search Process

Each client and search assignment is unique. The job titles may be the same from company to company, but the personality make up of the corporate team, products, services and customer-base, shape each company’s distinctive personnel needs.  

We approach each assignment methodically. We utilize a thorough and direct procedure that will provide you with the most qualified candidates for your available positions. We believe in providing quality service that meets or exceeds our client's expectations, first time, every time.


Search Assignment:  We will discuss, in detail with our client company, the requirements of the positions, the company's goals, characteristics of the company, industry positioning and all other significant issues. Utilizing our unique position within the furniture and design industry, we will assist in sharpening your search objectives.


Course of Action:  Once the details of the positions are laid out, we will determine the time frame needed.  Depending on the marketplace and the specifications of the positions, Stern can provide a fairly accurate period of time it will take to provide the caliber of candidates desired. We will also be looking at the calendar for potential interviewing dates and a reasonable closure date.  In the case of multiple search assignments, we would also want to determine the need to set priorities of these assignments.


Quest for Quality:  While you resume running your business, we put our best search strategies to work.  We will be your company’s best advertisers. As a rule, this industry’s Top Talent is not out there looking for new opportunities.  Individuals in this industry are familiar with our sterling reputation, and trust our expertise.  In many assignments, we have successfully recruited exceptional candidates from other industries.  Such individuals bring fresh skills and ideas to the furniture and design industry, while still meeting the search assignment criterion.


Presentation of Qualifications:  We will provide you with the resumes of the most qualified candidates and any additional information requested. We will then follow up with a presentation. During this phase, we will add our evaluations based on extensive research and numerous in-depth interviews with the candidates.  We will also provide you with our assessments of the individual's qualifications along with references and additional insights we have received from our network of contacts and resources. 


Interview Process:  Stern Professional Search will make all of the necessary arrangements for your interviewing process.  Whether you prefer to start with a telephone interview or a face to face meeting, we will do everything possible to meet all of your scheduling needs. With each interviewing step, we are here to make the process as effortless as possible.


Offer / Negotiations: Once you have selected your number one candidate, we are available to assist you with the offer/negotiation phase.  Our position as the intermediary is invaluable to the very sensitive offer/negotiation phase.  We are always concerned with both the interests of our client and our candidate.  The use of our industry knowledge is a great benefit to both parties.

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We look forward to assisting you with all of your personnel needs.